Sharing the Love

Because of donors like you, B Loved Ethiopia is making a big impact and we want to keep you informed on the progress and success you are helping us achieve with this program. This past month was full of positive developments.

First, we want to celebrate the recruitment of a new mom to the B Loved family!

Welcome Sr. Tadelech, an adult female who recently passed the interview and screening process. She started the ministry of being mom April 1, 2019 and we are so excited to have her join us.


The B Loved children collected money from villagers as part of a compassionate ministry. They encouraged the community to give donations that will help provide for very poor women and children on the street. These donations were given to the poor on the Ethiopian Easter day. The community was so touched by their efforts that they shared some of their resources as a gesture to show their appreciation and encourage and motivate the children.

B Loved Ethiopia now has a football team!

They started their first coaching session March 23 and are currently training for an hour 2 times a month by a volunteer coach in Soddo Town. They have already had their first match and we are excited to see them all play and work together as a team.

80% of a new group home is now complete and predicted to be fully finished and ready for our children in 2 months!

Want to see inside the existing group homes?

We have some major plans for the upcoming month including the construction of a third and fourth group home so keep an eye out for the next update!

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