Giving Back

We are proud to announce that B Loved Ethiopia is officially recognized and awarded a certificate for its higher performance among other NGOs in Wolaitta Zone:


We could not do this without your support. Thank you!

We are excited that the library is now open! Books are on the shelves and have been ordered by subject matter. Our children have started to come to the library on designated days to use its resources.

Providing education and the support the children need to learn is always a top priority. All 56 children are attending their school and doing very well. A tutor is provided for extra help when needed. 30 of the children are currently being tutored in the English language twice a week and grades 7-11 are tutored in physics and mathematics twice a week. The B Loved children are also given access to a tutor at the group homes 4-5 days a week if needed for any subject.

The children are always happy to give back to their community and help others in need!

On April 20, 2019, B Loved Ethiopia children invited the needy from the streets of Soddo town to the Center and provided them a shower, meal, clothing and the gospel. There were more than 15 very poor women and their kids who were encouraged and blessed by the children that day.

Picture of B Loved Children, the staff, the invited guests, and some of the needy who got support.

Picture of B Loved Children, the staff, the invited guests, and some of the needy who got support.

April 28, 2019 was the Ethiopian Easter holiday. That morning, the children spent their time at the church and presented drama on the Prodigal son and it was really inspiring! The church congregation was surprised by the drama they presented that was facilitated by the Sunday school teacher of the church.

Last month we reported that the B Loved children had knocked on the doors of their villagers and asked for clothing and money to support the needy on the Ethiopian Easter day and their hard work paid off. They were able to collect a lot of clothing and money (around 4,000 Eth Birr). Those donations and resources were used this day to help more than 60 adult women, men, and kids get support and they all celebrated the Easter holiday together.

It was one of the greatest events of B Loved children in the history of their stay in Soddo.

There are a lot of wonderful things happening, but we also still have some challenges we are facing where we need support.

Some of the challenges reported are:

  • There is a shortage of chairs for the library

  • The quality of the schools the children are attending need some overall improvements 

If you would like to offer further support, please consider making a donation.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and following along with us!

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