Empowering Lives

2 years ago, we set a goal to empower 100 families to have a sustainable, income generating business.

This past month we were able to do this for 5 more families!

One of the re-empowered women is Ashkae Zema. She had a mini shop business but due to robbers she was unable to make her income. B Loved decided to re-empower her and she is now selling enjera (an Ethiopian bread).

The second re-empowered woman is Chaltu. She had a mini shop and was very successful, but her problem was lacking finance to build her own shop so B Loved gave her support and she was able to build her own shop on the plot of land the local government offered to her.

We are thrilled to say that that with your help B Loved has now officially achieved its target and empowered all 100 families!


Much like the kids here in the US, all the B Loved children have been studying hard for their final exams. To help prepare them we have had formal tutorial classes conducted by a professional teacher and some of the B Loved staff members. We wish them all good luck and know they will do great!

Life Skill Training

The Intergenerational Spiritual Transformation Ministry came to conduct a 3-day training for Moms, Aunts, and the children. Care givers attended “Trauma Informed Care” training and the children were taught a class called “Resiliency and Boundary”.


Group discussions, presentations, role play, and prayer were held to learn about the respective topics which included:

·        Sharing burdens/breathing past trauma or scar

·        Understanding the children’s trauma

·        How to help the children to get out of their trauma

·        How do we build responsible children?

·        Way of putting burdens before God

·        The trauma of Jesus and Paul

·        How do we provide care for ourselves as care providers?

The trainers are highly skilled, professional and spiritual and a lot of important information was taught over the 3-day training. We had a closing ceremony to say goodbye to the trainers and the children gave them special gifts to say thank you!

We are so pleased with the overall progress of this past month.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and the reason for all these achievements. Thank you all on behalf of our children!

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