Love Grows Here

All the children have finished the school year with remarkable results and have passed to the next grade level.

18 of the B Loved children are listed among the top ranked students, and one was impressively ranked 1st in his respective class.

A huge congratulations is in order for all their hard work!!

While the academic year has come to an end, the summer program is now in full swing for the kids. We have a 4-week educational program that includes: tutorials, bible lessons, games, music lessons, swimming and football.

One of the biggest events planned in the summer program was planting seedlings in Addis and Sodo.

The town mayor, University professors, and other volunteers in the community joined the B Loved staff and kids to help spread 200 seedlings of different plants around the holistic center. The event was so fun for everyone involved and we look forward to seeing these plants grow and flourish!

As per planned, B Loved transferred 17 Children, two moms and one driver to Addis Ababa this month. These Children transferred to Addis to get better education and we did the following tasks to prepare:

  • Finding best school for children

  • Facilitating the registration process

  • Purchased uniform, school materials ,bags, reference books, etc.

  • Helping children to begin the summer class.

The children continue to be offered spiritual and psychological education.

Moms are encouraged to talk about these important subjects in group homes daily to help establish morals, build a strong self-esteem, and nurture their reputation among the community. A training program called “Sexual Purity” has also been scheduled for professional trainers to share important and necessary knowledge on sexual purity.

Overall, we are very proud of all the achievements and progress that has been made and appreciate your ongoing support and prayers!