New Year Blessings

Happy New Year!!

On September 11, we celebrated Kiddus Yohannes (Ethiopian New Year's Day).

The entire B Loved family gathered together at the Development center and gave thanks to the Lord. It was a wonderful celebration.


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This past month the kids have all started school and are doing great!

They were all given the supplies they need and new school uniforms to start the year off strong. The kids are also enjoying their new backpacks given by the mission team from Texas.

Annual Staff Meeting

We held our annual staff meeting where we discussed achievements from this past year as well as some challenges faced and how to overcome them in the following year. We also talked about our overall vision, mission, and values of the organization to encourage and motivate everyone.

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Additional Group Homes

We are excited to announce that the process of requisition has started to build addition group homes! We are waiting to hear from the specific department (land management) to look for a free space or land of two 400 sq. meter lots in the community. We are thrilled to be adding more homes to accommodate more children, but are still in need of support to make the construction of these two homes and more in the future possible. You are able to donate specifically to our group home fund below.

As always, we thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!

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